Kids & Families

Seattle Tilth’s original Children’s Garden is located behind the Good Shepherd Center in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood. It evolved from an abandoned swimming pool basin more than twenty years ago, due the the hard work of community members.

Through our garden and farm activities, children and youth learn to care for themselves and other living things; together we discover where our food comes from. We taste fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers, tend and harvest crops, collect seeds, make compost and find critters.

Get Involved

Mike Gervais came to Seattle Tilth as a result of a lifelong fascination with living things and how they work. His keen interest in both the flora and fauna around him led him to study environmental science and pursue a career in teaching.  Some of his adventures include teaching biology in Ecuador, environmental science in California, bird biology with the Seattle Audubon society, and leading an afterschool program in one of the lowest-income, highest-crime apartment complexes in King county. Helping to teach the importance of healthy, local food as an educator at Seattle Tilth children’s gardens has allowed Mike to share what he’s learned along the way while enjoying some truly delicious veggies.

Alexandria 5Alexandria Vickery is a transplant from sunny California and is currently growing roots in the Pacific Northwest with Seattle Tilth. Once a field researcher in urban ecology and disease evolution, Alexandria realized that science was more fun when she shared it with others – and when she wasn’t being eaten alive by mosquitoes. She has spent the last three years focusing on outreach and environmental education, and has had the pleasure of teaching with USGS, the National Park Service, the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History and the Pacific Science Center. After studying agroecology on pig and coffee farms in Costa Rica and enjoying the sunshine on an organic mango farm in Hawaii, she is excited to put all her knowledge and educational effort towards teaching little ones about where their food comes from. When she’s not elbows-deep in a worm bin or pulling carrots with kids, Alexandria is a scientific illustrator, dancing queen and rising ukulele star.

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