Community Kitchens Northwest has become a program of Seattle Tilth.  Stay tuned to see the new and wonderful changes this partnership will bring.

In community kitchens we bring  people together in a common kitchen and prepare large amounts of food to share. In a Community Kitchen (CK), everyone gets involved in the cooking, and cleaning, and we all share the food that is made.  Some kitchens cook for the purpose of taking ready-to-eat meals home, while other kitchens cook for the purpose of enjoying a community meal together. In addition to leaving a CK with food or a belly full, you gain cooking skills, fresh ideas, nutrition awareness, and perhaps best of all, new friends.


To create opportunities for people to cook together; building community strength through food and lasting skills for self empowerment.


Equality- we honor that each person has the need to eat and the right to quality food.

Cooperation- Everyone participates in a community kitchen, whether they lead a recipe, wash the dishes, or help watch the kids.

Sharing – Knowledge, skills, and intuitive wisdom around food and nourishment. We are also able to stretch our dollar much further when we pool our resources together and buy in bulk quantities. 

Empowerment – We all become more powerful when we have the knowledge to take charge of our life through informed choices, support, and access.