Community Kitchens Northwest

Community Kitchens NW (CKNW) brings people together to prepare food and share it. Everyone gets involved in the food preparation, cooking and cleaning, and then we all eat a meal together. Some kitchens cook for the purpose of taking home ready-to-eat meals. In addition to leaving a community kitchen with food in-hand or a full belly, participants gain cooking skills, fresh ideas, nutrition awareness, and perhaps best of all, new friends.

Today there are CKNW programs at senior centers, schools, after school programs, recreation centers and low-income housing communities.

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We’re partnering with Public Health Seattle & King County, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and receive funding from United Way through a Hunger Free grant. Other key support has come from our strong group of community volunteers leading kitchens and serving on the steering committee and participating community groups.

LeikaRCCdinnerLeika Suzumura received her undergraduate degree in nutrition at Bastyr University. She has dedicated her career to community nutrition with an emphasis on childhood nutrition and parent education as a way to support the livelihood of the next generation. Her approach focuses on bringing kids and parents into the kitchen so that learning nutrition is fun and delicious! She is invested in social justice and the pursuit of making quality foods accessible to all people. This work is founded on come-unity networks and empowering people with knowledge and the skills necessary to take charge of their health for the greatest quality of life. You may find her in the community playing Capoeria Angola or hosting events at the Union Cultural Center that she and her husband run in Seattle’s International District.



Bethany Fong joined Seattle Tilth in January 2014 as the Senior Meal Program dietitian. Bethany hails from Hawaii, but studied nutrition and dietetics at Seattle Pacific University and the University of Washington. She then completed a culinary degree at Johnson and Wales University in Denver. She has lived, worked and (most importantly) eaten both domestically and internationally and finds that the best way to teach people about healthy eating is to teach them how to cook. Outside of work, you can find her running, paddling an outrigger canoe or searching for a hole-in-the-wall to dine at. It is her firm belief that street food stands up to any Michelin-starred restaurant and that there is always room for another person at the dinner table.


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  • Teriyaki Pork & Bok Choy December 11, 2014 - By Bethany Fong, Community Kitchens Northwest Registered Dietician We love this tasty recipe for teriyaki pork. If you’re looking for a source of humanely raised, pastured heritage pork, check out […]
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2 responses to “Community Kitchens Northwest

  1. Where can I find information for the Community Kitchen event the weekend of Sept 21, 2013 at the Rainier Beach Community Center? (really enjoyed TubaLuba last night, and the food was delicious.)

    • Hi Ingrid, thanks for getting in touch. Please see below for more information.

      Rainier Beach Community Center Grand Opening – CKNW preparing Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls
      Saturday, September 21 – prep 12 – 2pm
      Sunday, September 22 – rolling spring rolls 10am – 2pm
      EVENT – September 22, 2-5pm
      Rainier Beach Community Center
      8825 Rainier Ave S, Seattle WA 98118

      If you have further questions, please feel free to follow-up with Leika Suzumura, who is the program manager for Community Kitchens Northwest. Her email is

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