Past Cohorts

Maria Anderson


Maria-AndersonNook and Cranny Farm
Find Nook & Cranny Farm on Facebook
STFW Cohort 2014
Age: 26 years
Country of origin: Eastern Montana, USA
Family info: Sister and business partner Monica, mom Mary Ann, sister-in-law Margo and niece Adelaide
Number of years farming: 2
Favorite food to grow: Mushrooms
Favorite food to eat: Mushrooms

My background:

The business and farm training of Seattle Tilth Farm Works is allowing me to confidently build a farm enterprise of my own. I am an intern on a livestock farm, and interned on a raw goat dairy before that. So all this combined experience has set me up perfectly to be a successful on my own.

In five years, we hope to be grazing sheep, cows, and goats as well as raising poultry, and of course still growing mushrooms.

Monica Burnison

Monica Burnison

Twinkletoes Farm
Find Twinkeltoes Farm on Facebook
STFW Cohort 2015
Age: 35
Country/State/Region of Birth: MT
Number of years farming: 1
Family info: wife Margo, daughter Adelaide, sister Maria (STFW Cohort 2014!), mother Mary Ann
Favorite crop to grow: Oyster mushrooms
Favorite crop to eat: Brussels Sprouts

My background:
My sister Maria Anderson did the program last year and we’ve been growing mushrooms with Nook & Cranny Farm here at Seattle Tilth Farm Works since 2014. I’m really interested in diversifying our farm, learning more skills and making connections with other new organic farmers. I’m excited about getting my family and friends involved in food production and connecting them to where their food comes from.

I think Seattle Tilth Farm Works is a great opportunity to create community and be able to access much-needed resources to get started in farming without having to have a lot of money. I’m also excited to be part of a growing population of queer farmers!

Sheila Calhoun

Sheila CalhounSTFW Cohort 2015
Country/State/Region of Birth:
Charleston, SC
Number of years farming: 15
Favorite crop to grow: leeks
Favorite crop to eat: mustard greens

About me:

I’m most excited about connecting with other people through Seattle Tilth Farm Works who share my passion for growing organic vegetables, herbs and flowers.


Karla Farias

Happily pastured porkFelizFarmColor

Karla Farias

Feliz Farm
STFW Cohort 2014
Country/State/Region of Birth:Jalisco, Mexico
Family info: Son, daughter, and husband helping on the farm
Years farming: Third generation farmer

Feliz Farms was started at incubator Viva Farms in Skagit Valley, WA. Founder Karla Farias has extensive experience in farming from time at her family farm in Mexico. Her family operated a 35 hectare ranch in Mexico where they raised 150 pigs, 10,000 meat chickens, 75 goats, 50 sheep and 110 cows.

Abukar Haji

STFW Cohort 2012
Country/State/Region of Birth: Somalia/Kenya

Kevin Helfrick

Kevin Helfrick 2015

Hell or High Water Farm
STFW Cohort 2015
Country/State/Region of Birth: Born in Sarasota, FL. Raised in Fairbanks, AK. Live in Seattle, WA.
Number of years farming: 0
Family info: Wife: Desiree, Son: Henry (1 ½ years)
Favorite crop to grow: Heirloom tomatoes (sunburst and Japanese black trifele)
Favorite crop to eat: Heirloom tomatoes

My background:
I started gardening about 6 years ago with three pots of herbs and a Fuchsia plant from Home Depot. Today my wife and I have harvested over 80 pounds of heirloom tomatoes from our backyard garden this past growing season. Our past time has included branching out keeping a mixed breed flock of backyard chickens as well as getting involved with our local P. Patch. Seattle Tilth Farm Works represents a welcome change for my family and I, the chance to turn a love into a livelihood is an opportunity I do not want to pass up. I’m anxious to get my hands in the dirt and start producing food I love for people in my community.

takeupfarms - Matt HigginsMatthew Higgins

Matthew Higgins

Take Up Farms
STFW Cohort 2015
Age: 27
Country/State/Region of Birth: Des Moines, WA
Number of years farming: <1
Favorite crop to grow: beans
Favorite crop to eat: garlic

My background:
I heard about Seattle Tilth Farm Works (STFW) from friends at Evergreen State College. After graduating, a classmate was working on establishing a community garden, and I was excited to help out. After three years at the garden, both friends and family recommended STFW, so I thought I should apply. I’m bringing some unique experiences to my farming business, having worked with Venezuelan socialists, developmentally disabled rural teens, Hawaiian-Korean organic farmers and suburban gardeners growing food for the community.

What excites me most about STFW is getting to know what kind of soil I’m working with, and getting technical assistance to build healthy soils and grow food successfully. The initial subsidized access to land, supplies and materials that STFW provides new farmers allows me to grow from being a gardener to a practicing farmer through experimentation, planning and a heightened sense of responsibility.

Lucas HowetheRootCellar

Lucas HoweThe Root Cellar
STFW Cohort 2015
Age: 23
Country/State/Region of Birth: Great Falls, MT
Number of years farming: 2
Family info: My extended family always supports me by buying produce that I grow and using it for cooking.
Favorite crop to grow: butternut squash. I love making the hills for them before placing a small seed at the top that will eventually become a large, tangled mess of vines.
Favorite crop to eat: watermelon. While it is difficult to grow in our climate, sometimes we get a nice hot summer and the most delicious fruit!
My background:
I first became interested in Seattle Tilth Farm Works during a tour of the farm. It excited me because it gave beginning farmers (like me) the infrastructure to start my own successful farm. The Seattle Tilth CSA and food hub will help provide me with a dependable market for my produce. I started farming while in the Practicing Sustainable Agriculture program at the Evergreen State College. Through the program I got involved doing work on the Evergreen Organic Farm, which helped grow my love for farming and the land that I have today.


Mohammed “Madow” Juma


STFW Cohort 2011
Country/State/Region of Birth: Jamama, Somalia
Years Farming: 40
Family: Wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law all help on the farm.
Favorite Crops to Grow: Cabbage and Turnips
Favorite food to eat: Spinach

Mohammed Juma was introduced to Seattle Tilth Farm Works through Njambi at BURST for Prosperity. He was part of a Somali-Bantu community garden/P-patch that was approached by BURST to participate in a farm training program. Madow enjoys working on the farm and believes the work helps keep him fit and healthy. It also reminds him of farming in Somalia, and his life there, when he was younger. Madow appreciates that STFW helps him market and sell his produce.

While Madow hopes to continue growing his farm and increasing acreage, he’d like to continue partnering with STFW well into the future. Madow works really hard on the farm and is a good farmer and farm businessman. [Thanks to Madow’s daughter for interpreting!]

Francis Kamau

Francis and Elizabeth mugFaith Beyond Farm
STFW Cohort 2013
Country/State/Region of Birth: Kenya
Family: Wife (Elizabeth)
Favorite crop to grow: Collard greens
Favorite food to eat: Shell Beans

About me:
I heard from a friend and got interested because that’s what I liked doing and I knew I could learn a lot more from STFW. What makes me excited about the farm is the new system of growing crops on beds and drip irrigation method how it works. STFW will benefit me a lot through its experienced tutors who are more than willing to guide me on how to apply the new techniques that I have learned for raising crops. In 5 years time I see myself equipped with all the modern techniques, skills, and knowledge on cultivating crops here in the Pacific NW so that I can own and manage my own farm with my Wife Elizabeth.

Traci KnightUrban Farm Logo

Traci Knight 2015

Artemis Farm
STFW Cohort 2015
Age: 40
Country/State/Region of Birth: Lexington, KY
Number of years farming: 1
Family info: Parent of two teenagers
Favorite crop to grow: potatoes and tomatoes
Favorite crop to eat: spinach and corn

My background:
After a long, successful career as an artisan pastry chef and bread baker, I have decided to pursue my passion for sustainable, organic agriculture. I believe that integrative farming practices help meet the challenges of the 21st century head on, and provide a framework for food security that is going to become a central theme in the coming decades.

The Seattle Tilth Farm Works program works with individuals like me, to help us gain the skills and knowledge necessary to accomplish these goals. I am extremely grateful to have access to this type of intensive learning and for the experts who work with us each day to help us grow as beginning farmers and ranchers.

Stephen Maina

Steve headshotAmazing Grace Farm
STFW Cohort 2013
Age: 63 yrs
Country/State/Region of Birth: Kenya
Family: Son
Favorite crop to grow: Vegetables
Favorite food to eat: Corn

About me:
I got interested in Seattle Tilth through a friend who told me about the farming opportunity available at STFW. Thereafter, I took the initiative and met Micah Anderson who gave me all the necessary details on how to get started as a farmer at STFW. And here I am.

What excites me about the farm is the new farming techniques I’m learning at the farm.

The STFW will benefit me by way of allowing me to grow good quality food for my family and I also believe that the farming program will be able to supplement my family income.

Tabitha Maina

Tabitha headshotAmazing Grace Farm
STFW Cohort 2013
Age: 62 yrs
Country/State/Region of Birth: Kenya
Family: None helping on farm
Favorite crop to grow: Corn, Beans, Carrots, Cabbage, Onions
Favorite food to eat: Corn, Beans, Veggies

About me:
I am so interested in joining the STFW program and learning a lot. I appreciate how friendly the teachers are and their willingness to teach and answer questions. I am excited to learn about farming in green houses, irrigation, using tractors, as well as the important role that bees play in crop cultivation.

Seattle Tilth Farm Works helped me to be self-employed, to feed other people, to manage crop plantings and harvests and maintain healthy soil over time.

With the help of STFW, my goal for the next 5 years is to become a great farmer, self-employed and able to employ others. Based on my experience I would encourage anyone interested in farming who could benefit from hands-on assistance to join the Seattle Tilth Farm Works program.

Ramadhan Mugasa

RamadhanFatuma Family Farm
STFW Cohort 2011
59 yrs
Country/State/Region of Birth:
Jamama, Somalia
Years Farming: Almost 20 years – 13 years in Somalia, 3 in Kenya, 4 in the U.S.
Most of his family is out on the farm helping – 4 of his sons regularly participate, 4 daughters, his wife, and a son-in-law.
Favorite crop to grow in Somalia:
Collards, tomatoes, peppers
Favorite crop to grow at STFW: Carrots
Favorite food to eat:
Lettuce in salads

My background:
Ramadhan heard about Seattle Tilth Farm Works after gardening at the Somali-Bantu community P-Patch with Madow, another STFW program participant, and found the program through Njambi at BURST for Prosperity. Ramadhan appreciates the exercise and outdoor work of farming at STFW, and the harvest payments that help provide gas money and pay bills at home. He appreciates learning all aspects of farming as a business, in addition to simply growing produce. He’d eventually like a place of his own to farm and manage his own farm business. He also wants to continue the partnership with STFW. Ramadhan is proud of all the hard work he puts into his fields and the quality produce he provides. [Thanks to Ramadhan’s son Musa for interpreting!]

Elizabeth Ndishu

ElizabethWEBFaith Beyond Farm
STFW Cohort 2013
Age: Late 30’s
Country/State/Region of Birth: Kenya
Family: Husband (Francis)
Favorite crop to grow:Greens, Chard, Kale, Cabbage
Favorite food to eat: Greens, Peas, Legumes, Carrots

My background:
Born and grew up in a cultivating/farming family; my mother being the main cultivator. Basically my farming experience was support for my mother growing up. Last cultivating experience was over 10 years ago before leaving for college.

Interest in STFW began with a need to grow organic produce for our home use. I had been looking for area to grow other than my backyard when a friend introduced us to STFW. I’m very excited to be in the program, to gain knowledge on regional crops and organic practices.

Growing up I have realized that there is a deficit of agricultural knowledge between our parents generation and ours. There is a greater need today for more healthy food but less people learning cultivation.

From STFW I hope to gain the skills and techniques necessary for my husband and me to own and operate our own farm in the future.

Dickson Njeri

Dickson Njeri

Farm Happier
STFW Cohort 2015
Country/State/Region of Birth: Kenya
Age: 35
Number of years farming: 10
Favorite crop to grow: spinach, carrots, tomatoes
Favorite food to eat: carrots, broccoli, spinach

My background:
I got started with Seattle Tilth Farm Works because I love eating healthy, and being close to the natural world of the farm. The space itself is exciting to be a part of, and I enjoy the community it brings, such as eating lunch together on the farm. Through STFW, I look forward to learning more about planning and understanding how growing, harvesting, and selling crops works in America. I also love raising farm animals – other than pigs.

Margaret Njubi

Margaret mug

STFW Cohort 2013
Country of origin:
Years Farming: 6yrs
Family: Many helping on farm
Favorite crop to grow: Corn, Beans, Bananas, Greens, All crops!
Favorite food to eat: All vegetables

About me:
I was interested in farming as another income or business. I came to STFW to learn more about composting, hoop houses, making beds, etc. Maybe in five years I will be farming about five acres; tilling, learning about how to grow more/ different crops, learning about bees and cows and other livestock.

Thol Prom

Thol PromProm’s Family Farm
STFW Cohort 2015
Country/State/Region of Birth: Capot, Cambodia
Number of years farming: none
Favorite farm project: raising pigs
Favorite farm fresh food: bacon, ham

My background:

I was reading Mother Earth News one day, and I liked the coverage of organic food, farming and homesteading. I had been researching how to get involved to start a farm of my own for about six or seven years. I’d been putting it off and finally in 2014, I decided to take some classes through WSU Extension. I started off with grafting and moved onto building high tunnels, intensive grazing management and finally sustainable small farm and ranching. I also attended the Cultivating Success business planning courses through WSU. My instructor recommended that I should really get hands-on training at a working farm and I contacted Seattle Tilth Farm Works. After learning more, it solidified my decision to become an organic farmer, and I’m excited to join the program this year.

Sammie Riedman

Sammie ReidmanPlantasia Produce
STFW Cohort 2015
Country/State/Region of Birth: Bellevue, WA
Number of years farming: 2
Family info (family helping on the farm or eating the produce): parents: Fred and Benjean Riedman
Favorite crop to grow: cucumbers or tomatoes
Favorite crop to eat: sweet potato

My background:

Having my hands in the dirt is my most powerful form of meditation. It heals my soul. I learned about Seattle Tilth Farm Works during the time I spent volunteering at Solid Ground’s Marra Farm in South Park. Being on the land is simply home to me. I’m excited to build more skills to grow my own farm home and put those skills to the test this growing season.

Khae Saetern

KTK Farm & Foraging
STFW Cohort 2014
Age: 40
Country/State/Region of Birth:
Number of years farming:
Favorite food to grow:
Favorite food to eat:

About me:

I grew up helping my family to work the land around our home and also to raise the animals that became our food.

I have hoped all my life to be able to live in the way that my family lived for generations in our homeland. My early dream, and I return to this dream often, was to simply grow up into the life that my family lived. Now having the opportunity to work on a farm and perhaps someday to have my own farm has given new energy to my dream. I believe that starting with Seattle Tilth Farm Works I may be on my way to having the kind of life and life work that I have hoped for.

Once I finish the STFW program I hope to be able to start with a small job working on a farm and then gradually make my way to owning my own farm.

Chris Sechrist10509755_771621439540919_5091494093719881071_n

Good for nature, good for you

Chris SechristWindy Acre Farm
Find Windy Acre Farm on Facebook
STFW Cohort 2014
Age: 20 years
Country/State/Region of Birth: Enumclaw, WA, USA
Family: Mom, Sister, Dad
Number of years farming: 5
Favorite crop to grow: Tomatoes
Favorite food to eat: Lettuce

About me:
The most exciting part about farming is sharing the food with others. Farming is not easy, nor fun at times like any profession, but when you see someone smile when they get your produce it makes all the bad times so worth it. Being able to know my buyers is one of my favorite parts about the farm.

In five years I hope our farm will more than triple in acreage while continuing to be a stable farm. I can see us growing a few steady crops every year while testing new ones as well. My clearest vision in five years would to be able to raise our own meat and egg products to meet the market demand.

Amber Taulbee

Amber Taulbee

Russet Farm
STFW Cohort 2015
Country/State/Region of Birth: Oregon
Number of years farming: 5
Family: My husband (Craig) and our 2 boys (Everett, 4 and Warren, 3) will be around to help harvest or pull weeds and my daughter, a student at WWU, will be around come summer to assist as well.
Favorite crop to grow: Tomatoes
Favorite crop to eat: Tomatoes

My background:

My family and I are looking to purchase farmland of our own to build a successful farm in the coming years. Seattle Tilth Farm Works (STFW) is providing me with the opportunity to experiment and practice in farming in a supportive environment, as well as grow my confidence. I have already seen first-hand the importance of a sustainable farming community, in the support other farms provide to each other. STFW has set up a community of farmers getting started in the best environment to build these relationships.

Wayne Thorp

Real old fashion grown produce: Nature at its best, Fresh and local


Two Brothers Farm
STFW Cohort 2014
Age: 71 years
Country/State/Region of Birth: Youngstown, OH, USA
Family info: Older brother
Number of years farming: 1
Favorite food to grow: Corn
Favorite food to eat: Asparagus

I first found out about Seattle Tilth Farm Works while attending a Washington State University farming class. I also attended a workshop at Washington State Dept. of Labor and Industries named ‘Ag Business Training’ in November of 2013 where I was able to learn more about the program. After reading the STFW, mission statement I was excited about how they offer hands-on one on one experience growing and harvesting crops on their farm. Since I consider myself a total novice regarding the full process of farming this course will provide the basics of not only the book type training but also the practical day to day fieldwork.

Our farm is a partnership in learning and growing. The farm will provide a sustainable income that will provide for our needs and pay bills. As we learn and produce products to the community we will support the local economy. At the various market places we will provide education about farming and the various healthful reasons to eat locally grown produce.

In five years we will have learned the basics of the farming cycle; from planning, production, ecological management, marketing, equipment, enterprise record keeping and community development. We will have a full production 10+ acres farm growing various varieties of vegetables, herbs, and nut trees and providing educational opportunities for the local residences.

Rainbow Mysts Farm

Victoria AinsworthVictoria Ainsworth
STFW Cohort 2014
Country of origin: Seattle, WA, USA
Family info: Son Jakob, husband Chris
Number of years farming: 1
Favorite food to grow: Peas and Cucumbers
Favorite food to eat: Chard and Cucumbers

I became interested in the Seattle Tilth Farm Works program through purchasing plants at the Seattle Tilth plant sale and following the website. I was also looking for a more meaningful lifestyle transition. STFW has provided me with an opportunity to practice on the farm while getting experience and hands on training. Farming is in my blood, I found through an ancestry search I came from a long line of farmers.

In the next five years I hope to own a small farm with sustainable organic produce along with a goat diary consisting of a GAO rating of 5. I would also like to open a cat and dog rescue located on the farm.


Abhas Brahma

Abhas BrahmaSTFW Cohort 2014
Country of origin: Orissa, India
Family: Vasantha, Tanisha
Number of years farming: 2
Favorite crop to grow: Lettuce
Favorite food to eat: Spinach

Farming excites me because I get to see the produce grow and work with them through all the different stages and enjoy the fruits of all the efforts. While working in the fresh air with the smell of the earth stimulates my senses, I am simultaneously learning methodologies that will not harm nature.

In five years I see myself experimenting with farming and having a farm of my own!


C & C Farm

Regina ColemanRegina Coleman
STFW Cohort 2014
Country of origin: Chicago, IL, USA
Family info: 3 helping on the farm
Number of years farming: 1
Favorite food to grow: Cilantro
Favorite food to eat: Cilantro and Arugula

I volunteered with Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetland where I became interested about the Seattle Tilth Farm Works program. My family and I have been talking about a farm for awhile. I love how I can provide myself and others with food while helping people appreciate nature and growing their own food. I believe STFW will teach me the basics to grow food and be healthy.

In the next five years we will grow our farm from 10 to 40 acres with young fruit tresses, raspberries and vegetable and flowers garden. I will be selling direct and wholesale products in my own grocery store.



The Urban Buggy

Find Urban Buggy on Facebook

Dennis Comer
STFW Cohort 2012Urban buggy logo
Country of origin: CA/USA
Years Farming: 2yrs
Family: Working on it
Favorite crop to grow: Broccoli
Favorite food to eat: Chard

Became interested in the STFW program through a former employee, who was working in the program. I’m looking to switch careers (again) after a career in the military. Because my wife is a vegan baker, and a former nutritionist, it’s only natural that I learn more about the food I eat. By farming, I get to control the process and know not only where the food comes from, but what’s in it.

One of the most exciting things about the farm is the information you learn from the diverse gathering of farmer’s. You get to observe techniques and practices coming from other cultures that work very well as opposed to the traditional way we think of farming.

I think the STFW program will help me become more grounded as I move through other food advocacy forums. It’s a way of being able to ‘walk the walk…’ Not really clear on my vision in the next 5 years….but I’m sure I’ll be engaged in farming of some sorts.


Bluebird Farm

Annie mugGrayson Crane
STFW Cohort 2013
Country of origin: Canada/US
Family: Lots of folks sharing/helping, but just me farming!
Favorite crop to grow: Salad Mix/Asian Greens
Favorite food to eat: Radishes

I found Seattle Tilth Farm Works while on the hunt for farming space in the Seattle area – the program seemed like a great fit and a great space to experiment and hone my skills alongside some fellow farmers. Looking to the coming season, I’m most excited to work and exchange info with me co-farmers and continuing to add to my plot’s already towering rock piles.

This coming season, STFW will be essential to my farm success in a number of ways – everything from greenhouse space to compost to inspiring ideas and moments of farm reflection. Building on these resources, I hope to provide some jaw dropping veggies for my current CSA and markets – build this community of eaters and (hopefully) move towards my own farm in the next few years with the goal of supporting and connecting with other young farmers.
Fun Farm Fact: I’ve farmed in urban, suburban, and now rural space!


Akil Esthete


STFW Cohort 2013




Jessica Ho

STFW Cohort 2014
Country of origin: Fairbanks, AK, USA
Number of years farming: 1
Favorite food to eat: I love ALL greens!

I came to Seattle Tilth Farm Works as a volunteer last summer. I fell in love with being on the farm and was completely inspired by the work Seattle Tilth does and in the community. What excites me most about bring on the STFW farm is seeing how the CSA boxes are weaved together by so many hands, with the utmost care and love. It warms my heart knowing that freshly harvested food is on its way to heal and nourish local families, its beautiful thing! The STFW program will benefit me because I now have the opportunity to learn in a hand on environment where I’m surrounded by such supportive, knowledgeable farmers.

In five years I’d love to have a fruit orchard, raise goats, write a few books and educate others about farming organically.


Desiree Hoskins

Desiree mug2

STFW cohort 2013
Country of origin: USA/CA
Years Farming: 0.5
Family: Husband helps on the farm, films for my (to come) blog, and parents will help harvest
Favorite crop to grow: So far peas, they are growing very quickly and I love that they will produce more than one time.
Favorite food to eat: So many! I am looking forward to the opportunity to grow some longer term crops like frut trees and asparagus.

I was told about the Seattle Tilth Farm Works program from the Rainer Valley volunteer program. Finding an incubator close to the city with hours that suit a full time worker is a rare find. I love the community participation, access to different people and ideas. STFW will benefit me through gaining experience, exposure to information and partner organizations, and help when I am clueless. In 5 years I hope to be growing my own veggies for sale at a local organic market and selling finished jams and preserves. I hope to focus on urban farm and self sustainability models


Samuel Njubi Karau


STFW Cohort 2013
Country of origin: Kenya
Favorite crop to grow: Collards
Favorite food to eat: Collards

I got interested in Seattle Tilth Farm Works because I wanted self-employment. I also wanted to be a skilled farmer. Watering my plants easily and getting supplies like manure brought by tractor to my yard. It’s convenient for all needs from planting up to sales.

My vision/mission in 5 years is to be farming over 5 acres of land, leased or owned. When I see crops well and nicely grown, I feel very happy, satisfied, and encouraged to do even more.


Mgambo Farm

Hussein mugHussein Mberwa
STFW Cohort 2013




Debasish Das & Srikanth Venkataramana Palla


STFW Cohort 2014
Country of origin: India





Sri Palla







Flower Forest Farm

Find Flower Forest Farm on Facebook

Janell mugJanell Patterson
STFW Cohort 2013
Country of origin: USA/WA
Years Farming: 1st year with my own plot
Family: Sometimes they help out, though not typically
Favorite crop to grow: Poppies
Favorite food to eat: Nasturtiums/Calendula

I became interested in STFW because I was looking for land to start a flower farm. Cascade Harvest Coalition connected me with STFW.

I am excited to have the opportunity to farm my own plot of land with the support and learning from Seattle Tilth. The program will benefit me by giving me a head start on my business. I see it is an opportunity to learn more about flower farming and how to turn it into a profitable business. This program will really test me to see if I am willing to put everything into my own business in the future by allowing me a trial season.

In 5 years I hope to have a profitable flower farm, selling at the Seattle Growers Wholesale market.


Grow it Green

Melissa mugMelissa Roush
STFW Cohort 2013
Country of origin: USA/Ohio
Years Farming: I have just begun
Family: My 7 year old son Liam and husband Mike
Favorite crop to grow: So far beets are neat
Favorite food to eat: Green Beans

I first found the Seattle Tilth Farm Works program on the Seattle Tilth website. I was immediately sure I should become part of their exciting and new program. I believe it has already benefitted me with many farm resources, from growing practices to insect management and business strategy. The benefits span further than farm skills to my basic daily activities that are with me always. I can see farming full time in 5 years with the kind support of Seattle Tilth Farm Works. Now, let’s get busy farming!



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