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Seattle Tilth provides farm business training and support to immigrants, refugees and people with limited  resources in South King County. This “farm incubator” program is called Seattle Tilth Farm Works (STFW) and is located in Auburn, WA. Participants attend farm and business trainings, tour neighboring farm operations, and gain hands-on experience growing and harvesting food using organic practices.

Meet the farmers and read about our staff below. Learn more about Seattle Tilth Farm Works on our website.

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BURST for Prosperity initiated this program in 2009, passing the reins to Seattle Tilth in 2010 while continuing their valuable support. This program is made possible by funding from Communities Putting Prevention to Work  and the USDA’s Beginning Farmer Rancher Development Program. The land belongs to Seattle Parks and Recreation and they are making it available as part of their Parks Urban Food Systems program. Special thanks to Cedar Grove Composting and Full Circle Farm for their significant support helping us prepare the land.

MatthewPassionate about developing small-farm systems and supporting others in their farm-related endeavors, Matthew McDermott is in hog heaven as the Seattle Tilth Farm Works Manager. Prior to joining Seattle Tilth, he had his hands dirty with a variety of growing systems in northern California – organic orchards, vineyards and mixed vegetables – and managing his own small farm in Michigan. His agroecological approach to systems has been guided by a formal apprenticeship at UC Santa Cruz and graduate studies at Michigan State University.

When not at the farm, you might find him trail running with his four legged friend or concocting something fermentable.

MicahMicah Anderson joined Seattle Tilth as the education manager for Seattle Tilth Farm Works in the summer of 2011 and has enjoyed supporting new farmers, facilitating farm classes and workshops, working in the fields, selling produce, and promoting farm frisbee awareness ever since. Micah holds a master’s degree in Environment and Community from Antioch University Seattle and has worked on farms and with farmers from around the world, including Papua New Guinea, where he helped create and support a community-based organization that continues to manage critical conservation areas.

Off the farm, Micah enjoys picking a banjo and changing his son’s diapers, occasionally managing to do both at the same time.


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