Master Recycler Composter Eastside

MRC Eastside is a volunteer training and outreach program to educate Eastside residents about about recycling, backyard composting, organic gardening concepts and resource conservation. Participants gain knowledge, skills and tools to teach their friends, neighbors and community members.

Based on Seattle’s highly successful Master Composter/Soil Builder program, MRC Eastside offers 28 hours of education including classroom learning, hands-on experience and field trips. Learn soil science concepts, Integrated Pest Management techniques, recycling ins-and-outs and how to make compost from food and yard waste. We will take a fascinating field trip to a compost facility.

After completing the course, graduates contribute 20 hours offering compost and recycling education to their communities. Participants will develop their own projects that could be compost and recycling education in schools, churches, community centers or gardens – the sky’s the limit! MRC-East is partnership of the City of Issaquah and Seattle Tilth.


Email or call (206) 633-0451 ext. 109.

Maren Neldam recently joined the Environmental Programs team after 3.5 years maintaining learning gardens and inspiring a love for worms and kale as a Seattle Tilth children’s garden educator in SE Seattle. She is so excited to share her love for the natural world and the science of decomposition with others. Before joining Seattle Tilth, she studied at the University of Washington, spent several years working on organic farms in Vermont and the Snoqualmie Valley, and coordinated experiential education programs for elementary aged children. She believes that growing and cooking food can be a powerful vehicle for social change and everyone should spend a little time in the soil. Outside of work, she spends time making art, cooking from the garden and adventuring around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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