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Ask us! We offer individualized solutions to your garden questions.

The Garden Hotline offers individualized solutions to garden problems that are practical, safe, effective, and natural. Our services are FREE to home gardeners and landscape professionals throughout Seattle and King County. We can help you reduce waste, conserve water and resources, and minimize chemical use while creating a vibrant landscape.

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LauraLaura Matter has been a practicing horticulturist for the past 30 years and is the Garden Hotline program Coordinator at Seattle Tilth. During 10 years with Seattle City Light, she worked with her crew to replace and reduce pesticide use and under her guidance, a large electrical station was registered as a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary in the state of WA after being enhanced with native plants, birdhouses, and using natural alternatives instead of pesticides. Laura ran her own landscape maintenance business for 14 years and currently provides landscape consultations and garden tutoring, specializing in native plantings, wildlife habitat and edible gardens. On her own time, Laura has been a block leader, committee head and site coordinator of the Picardo Farm P-Patch for the past 9 years, where she has gardened for 15 years.

SueSue Hartman first came to Seattle Tilth as a garden volunteer because she wanted to grow vegetables, but the big trees in her yard made it difficult. After spending a few years as an intern, teaching assistant and Master Composter/Natural Soil Builder volunteer, she joined the staff as an on-call educator for the Natural Soil Building Program. She now manages volunteers in the community learning garden at the Good Shepherd Center and teaches classes for our adult education program. She is active in several local community organizations including Solid Ground/Lettuce Link and the Growing Food, Growing Community project in Wallingford. Leaf mold is on her “most favorite things” list.

KatieGarden Hotline educator Katie Vincent has been obsessed with growing and preparing her own food since discovering the Laura Ingalls Wilder books in third grade. Having majored in creative writing at the University of Washington, she gleaned the majority of her gardening experience working at Sky Nursery for over 7 years and working on organic farms in Italy, the UK and New Zealand through WWOOF. She loves adventuring around the globe, helping people, pushing for sustainable food systems and picking up new languages and recipes. Katie finds immeasurable joy in writing. You can find her words on travel blogs and on the pages of publications like Seattle Met magazine and the Bellevue Club’s Reflections magazine. When not cooking or gardening, Katie enjoys meditation, photography, poetry, hiking and yoga.

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