These items may be purchased online following the links below to Paypal. Or stop by our office Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Saturdays by appointment with the Garden Hotline) with exact change, check, visa or mastercard, or use this mail order form.


“Your Farm in the City: An Urban Dweller’s Guide to Growing Food and Raising Animals”

Your Farm in the City - New Book!

Written specifically for city-dwellers, this one-of-a-kind, all-in-one resource tells how to grow organic produce, raise livestock including chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats and even run a small farm in any urban environment, from a roof top or window box to a city lot or backyard. Published by Black Dog and Leventhal with 320 pages in paperback and 100 two-color illustrations. Written by Lisa Taylor and the gardeners of Seattle Tilth.Find out more about the book and author events. $18.95 + tax and shipping.

Purchase online via Paypal. $26.00 includes tax and shipping.

Seattle Tilth’sMaritime Northwest Garden Guide”

Maritime Northwest Garden Guide

Our best-selling book, this is an essential month-by-month manual tailored to our climate and growing season and useful for beginning to advanced gardeners. The 78-page guide outlines each month’s garden tasks and lists hundreds of vegetable, herb and flower varieties to plant. It also includes strategies for year-round gardening, articles about organic gardening techniques and activities for kids. $14.95 + tax and shipping.

Purchase online via paypal.
$19.50 includes tax and shipping.

“A ton of practical and accurate information. I highly recommend it!”
– Ciscoe Morris, radio and TV gardening expert.

Seattle Tilth’sTeaching Peace Through Gardening”

Teaching Peace Through Gardening

This manual, developed for teachers and garden educators by Seattle Tilth, combines garden care with games and art for a fun and educational program. Activities and lessons are appropriate for children of elementary school age. $10 + tax and shipping.

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for more information.

“Worms Eat My Garbage

The only book you’ll ever need for worm composting, written by compost pioneer Mary Appelhof. $12.95 + tax and shipping.

Purchase online via paypal.
$17.00 includes tax and shipping.

“A Chicken in Every Yard”

The Urban Farm Store‘s guide to chicken keeping. With everything that first timers will need to get started – along with expert tips for more seasoned keepers – this colorful, nuts and bolts manual proves that keeping chickens is all it’s cracked up to be. Written by Robert and Hannah Litt.  $19.99 + tax and shipping.

Purchase online via paypal.
$27.00 includes tax and shipping.

Gift Certificates 

Purchase a gift certificate that can be used towards any Seattle Tilth class, a membership, books, or specialty items for sale – a great “green” gift for gardeners! You choose from various levels. $225 is good for a garden consultation and $300 is the consultation plus a written report.
Choose the amount: $35, $60, $100, $150, $200 ($3 shipping & handling will be added):
Recipient’s Name


We sell worms! You can buy 1/3 of a pound of red wiggler worms for food waste composting for $11.00 in Suite 100 of the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford. Be sure to have a worm bin set up and ready to house them! Feel free to call the Garden Hotline with any questions: (206) 633-0224 or Mail order worms are available from Yelm Earthworm and Castings Farm.

Cloche Kits

Extend the growing season by protecting plants from the cold with a cloche. Our “mini-greenhouse” kits are quick and easy to set-up. Each kit contains all the materials you need to build a 3 foot tall plastic hoop house that will fit over will fit over a 8 foot long by 3 foot wide garden bed: flexible polyethylene pipe, greenhouse polyethylene film and garden clips to attach the plastic to the hoops.

You can pick it up at the Seattle Tilth office. $45 + tax.

Reemay (Floating Row Cover)

Protect your garden against pests and harsh weather conditions! Floating row cover, sold under the trade name Remay, is a lightweight spun polyethylene fabric that you can use to cover your plants that will keep a number of pests from laying their eggs on your vegetables. Reemay allows 75% light transmission, protects against frost down to 30 degrees F and is light enough to “float with” rather than weight down your plants as they grow. We carry 10 foot by 12 foot pieces.

You can pick it up at the Seattle Tilth office. $11 + tax and shipping.

2 for 1 Membership in December

Become a member today and receive fabulous benefits!

Make a Gift in Honor or Memory of a Friend

Find out more. 

Green Cones, Yard Waste Bins and Rain Barrels

You can purchase these items through Seattle Conservation Corps.

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