The Rainier Valley Eats! Coalition believes that healthy food is a basic human right. We recognize that the ability to access healthy food is related to multiple issues and not just a result of low income.  We are taking a holistic approach to achieve real change in our community’s access to healthy food.

We are promoting the grow, share, eat model primarily in Rainier Beach around the Henderson corridor.  

We promote equally the importance of healthy nutrition and of the pleasure that comes from choosing and eating food that we love. In the food that we grow and serve we are constantly looking for the terrain where “nutritious” and “delicious” intersect.

Lead Organizations with Rainier Valley Eats!

  • United Way of King County is addressing the issue of hunger in our community through a lead role in RaVE.
  • Seattle Tilth is coordinating various gardening opportunities around Southeast Seattle as a part of the Rainier Valley Eats! focus on growing. The primary gardening sites include the Rainier Beach Learning Garden, the Rainier Community Center Learning Garden, and the Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetland.  In addition, Seattle Tilth is organizing the many volunteer placements for Rainier Valley Eats!.  Tilth also offers regular gardening trainings in the Southeast Seattle area: more information about these classes can be found here.
  • Community Kitchens NW, (CKNW),  brings people together in a common kitchen to prepare large amounts of food to share.  Participants in community kitchens gain cooking skills, fresh ideas, nutrition awareness, and perhaps best of all, new friends!  CKNW is running the community dinners and after-school cooking programs.
  • Public Health Seattle & King County is working with the Rainier Valley Eats! Coalition to promote access to healthier foods and improve the wellbeing of Southeast Seattle residents.  Public Health will be coordinating the activities of community partners and evaluating the new Rainier Valley Eats! programs.

Community Partners and Steering Committee Members

Rainier Beach Moving Forward is taking the newly updated Rainier Beach neighborhood plan to the next stage of implementation and sustainability. RBMF has developed strategies in 4 key areas: 

  • A Place For Everyone
  • Life Long Learning
  • Growing Food to Develop a Healthy Industry
  • A Beautiful Safe Place

For more information: rainierbeachmovingforward@gmail.com