Fresh from the Farm Business Incubator


Did you know that Tilth Alliance provides farm business training and support in for new farm businesses to help them get started? Participants in our farm business incubator program take organic farming classes, attend business development training, tour neighboring farm operations and gain hands-on experience growing and harvesting food at a training farm in Auburn.

Graduates receive market and distribution support in addition to opportunities for continuing education. It’s been a busy few weeks kicking off the summer farming season!

We recently visited some of the farmers at the farm business incubator — check out photos!

In the last weeks of spring, farmers had a friendly competition to set up the best mock market booth display using produce grown on the farm as part of the Organic Farmer Training Program. There were some good looking displays (after some tinkering and teamwork) – and room to grow, of course. It can take years for farmers to develop a beautiful farmers market presentation.


The farmers have also taken field trips and learned about land acquisition and alternative models of farm ownership.


It’s an exciting time now that the growing season is finally kicking into high gear. Some exciting highlights include: Natasha Lovell of Rubystar Dairy Goats welcomed a goat calf to her goat milk operation! Kevin Helfrick of Hell or High Water Farm began trellising peas and planting micro-greens, onions and leeks this week. Monica Burnison of Twinkletoes Farm has tomatoes and eggplants growing under a caterpillar tunnel in wait of the hot summer weather. And second year intern Rachel Schindler will be sheep shearing soon to help the shaggy sheep feel more comfortable this summer.


Meet a few of the participating farmers, get a look at life on the farm and learn more about the training program in this video:

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