Welcome to Tilth Alliance


By Liza Burke, Marketing and Communications Director

Tilth Alliance was born in 2016 when Tilth Producers, Cascade Harvest Coalition and Seattle Tilth realized that the most effective way to get more people growing and eating healthy food is uniting farmers, eaters, gardeners, cooks and environmental advocates to champion a sustainable food culture. Now a more inclusive and impactful organization, an introduction is in order…

We’re Tilth Alliance, nice to meet you!

Our vision is simple. At Tilth Alliance we want everyone to eat well every day. We’re nurturing a culture where nutritious food is front and center, and available to everyone, and recognize this vision is not possible without  successful regional farmers and a healthy planet.

It’s no secret that the ways we currently produce food is creating all sorts of problems – for people’s health, for farmers and for the environment. Tilth Alliance is changing the way food is grown, distributed and eaten.

We use farms, gardens and kitchens as classrooms for hands-on education, teaching agriculture, nutrition and science to people of all ages. Participants learn how to grow food on large or small scales and to cook using nutritious, locally grown ingredients. Together, passionate community members are creating a shift in our culture and have the potential for great influence and change.

Live in Seattle or King County?

Tilth Alliance offers many fun and rewarding opportunities for you locals to get involved! Take a class, volunteer at our gardens and farms, or celebrate food and farming at one of our community events.


Looking for a farm, farmers market or farm product in Western Washington?

Check out the Farm Guide and get to know the people who grow and produce your food! The Farm Guide is available in print, online and through a mobile app.

Opportunities for Farmers

Farmers across Washington interested in honing their skills and business practices can join a community of sustainable producers and participate in professional development events, peer-to-peer learning and resources. Join Tilth Alliance for our Farm Walks, the annual Tilth Conference (November 10-12 in Vancouver, WA) and sign up to receive Tilth Producers Quarterly.

Aspiring farmers can apply for Tilth Alliance’s farm business incubator in Auburn or find land to farm using Washington Farm Link.


Gardeners, farmers, cooks, folks who care about food quality, food security, or the environment – everyone has a place in Tilth Alliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Tilth mean?
Tilth is an old English word that means the quality of cultivated soil for farming and comes from the root word “to till.” It also refers to the cultivation of wisdom and spirit.

Q: Who does “alliance” refer to in the name?
Tilth Alliance is a movement of people working together as allies to improve our food and farming culture and make healthy food available to all people: farmers, eaters, gardeners, cooks and environmental advocates Everyone eats so there’s a place for everyone in Tilth Alliance.

Q: Why did Tilth Producers, Seattle Tilth or Cascade Harvest Coalition merge?
Before merging, we were three separate nonprofit organizations with very similar missions, operating out of the same building, with little overlap. As a unified organization, we are building a more efficient and capable organization that holistically champions a better food culture. Read more about the merger.

Q: How is Tilth Alliance different from when it was three organizations?
Tilth Alliance offers most of the services that the former organizations used to do. At the same time we are evaluating opportunities to improve and expand services as we build our capacity.

Q: Where does Tilth Alliance offer programs and for whom?

Farmers across Washington State
  participate in farmer-to-farmer education through Farm Walks, offered in partnership with WSU, one-day universities, and the annual Tilth Conference. Aspiring farmers can use FarmLink to find farm land.

In Western WA, farmers and farmers markets can connect to conscious consumers through our Farm Guide — and conscious consumers can find locally produced farm products, farms and markets.

In Seattle and King County, people of all ages can participate in a robust selection of programs in growing and cooking food, and stewarding the environment — at our gardens and farms or through education that can be applied at home. Aspiring farmers can participate in our farm business incubator in Auburn, WA.

In the future, Tilth Alliance programs could expand to fulfill needs and interests in communities across Washington, depending on funding, to make healthy food available for more people while supporting farmers to have thriving businesses and use more sustainable practices. If you see need for specific programming in your community, let us know!

Contact Us

Contacts and phone numbers will remain unchanged. Email addresses will be updated to @tilthalliance.org, however the old email addresses will continue to remain operational.  Learn more about Tilth Alliance at tilthalliance.org.

Questions, concerns, ideas, feedback? Please contact us! Email: info@tilthalliance.org.

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