Learn to Teach in a Garden Classroom

By Sharon Siehl, Garden Programs Director

Participants in a Garden Educator Workshop: Summer Intensive work together to assemble a "bean teepee."

Participants in a Garden Educator Workshop work together to assemble a “bean teepee.”

Pop quiz: when children and youth are learning in the garden, who’s leading the lesson? Possible answers: teachers, students, parents, the garden or volunteers? If you couldn’t choose, it’s because all of them are true!

A garden offers rich opportunities to engage deeply in learning. We encourage peer-to-peer teaching, and for adults to become students once again. The garden guides us about where to begin and what to do each season. After that, the possibilities are limitless.

Our Garden Educator Workshops are designed for classroom teachers, parents, community members and anyone interested in using the garden as a teaching environment.

When teachers and parents lead classes in the garden together, different needs arise. Many teachers know exactly what to teach and how to use the garden, and don’t need garden curriculum. On the other hand, parents and volunteers may not have a teaching background, so developing a curriculum and then leading a class can be daunting. However, both teachers and parents bring excellent resources to the outdoor classroom and it can be a worthwhile challenge to collaborate to build a great school garden education program.

Sign Up for a Garden Educator Workshop

Our Garden Educator Workshop: Summer Intensive, July 18-22, is a unique opportunity for teachers and parents to create a robust school garden program. We love to share what we have learned from decades of bringing learning alive in the garden for students of all ages. We explore everything from garden design to organic techniques, volunteer and fundraising needs, cooking and discovering all of the components of successful, sustainable school and community gardens.

Leave inspired and prepared to launch a dynamic and engaging garden program for your school, church, child-care facility or community center, or learn new techniques to apply to an established program. Learn more about this summer’s Garden Educator Workshop and sign up today!



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