Planting Seeds of Transformation

By Andrea Dwyer, Executive Director


Andrea Dwyer, Executive Director

The Future is Abundant, that’s what the Tilth movement’s leaders named our founding publication more than 40 years ago. Whether you live in a city, own a farm, cook your own meals, donate to food banks, grow organic herbs and vegetables in your yard, or enjoy trying the latest farm to table restaurant, you are creating the bountiful world that Seattle Tilth, Tilth Producers and Cascade Harvest Coalition envisioned.

What is it that connects us all? In the end it’s surprisingly simple: we all eat and want to choose what we eat.

Now that the merger of these three powerful organizations is a fact, the work of integration has begun, renewing our commitment to our founding principles, and serving a statewide constituency that includes “farmers and foresters, producers and consumers, urban and rural, rich and poor.”

_1080388The differences between the merged organizations were mostly an illusion to begin with. Separately we worked to create alternatives to an unsustainable and damaging food system. Together we will flex our muscles to realize our early vision of abundance and vitality. By focusing on what we have in common, we join each other at the same table. From a solid foundation in shared values, we begin a thoughtful conversation about how land is cared for, how food is grown and gets to market, and how we prepare and enjoy meals.

Together we will flex our muscles to realize our early vision of abundance and vitality.

We all eat, and we are partners in shaping the conversation. Over the next twelve months, our board of directors will host listening sessions around the state to hear the hopes, desires and concerns of Washington’s communities of producers and eaters. Each region of the state brings unique views that are as distinct as its climate. Just as the staff and board of Seattle Tilth are undertaking an internal scan, your contributions will define the movement’s understanding of the great work that is being done and gaps that need filling. The first of these listening sessions is on Saturday, April 23 in Southwest Washington.

Summer 2014 138As a supporter of this new organization, you know that the work we do together is a planted seed that will grow… and grow… and grow. Through this work we will all be transformed from the inside out into healthy people, making empowered decisions about what we eat. In doing so, we create an abundant world for ourselves and future generations.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can be more powerful, together.

Please also consider a spring donation to Seattle Tilth today—helping farmers thrive, children learn and families cook healthy food together.


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