Volunteer Profile: Mayme Fu, Master Recycler Composter

By Chris Hoffer, Environmental Programs Manager

Looking for a little inspiration? Look no further than Seattle Tilth volunteer Mayme Fu. 

“Once I decided that it was important to eat organic food – somewhat late in life, I admit – I realized that in order to make it affordable, I needed to know more about organic gardening so I could grow my own food.” This desire led Mayme. a Bellevue resident, to sign-up for Seattle Tilth’s Master Recycler Composter Eastside training and volunteer program last spring.

“My professional background is working as a chemist. In modern Western society, the focus is usually on killing bacteria and using chemicals and pesticides. But it feels like we’ve been trying to solve the wrong problems and now have a lot of catch-up to do to bring back soil health and a sustainable, organic food system for everyone.”

Following her training, Mayme enjoyed sharing her new knowledge with her community. She hosted a composting workshop for Asian Senior Concerns Foundation, a group that meets monthly to explore shared interests.

“Everyone was excited to learn about closing the loop on food waste by using worm bins. I had a lot of fun sharing what I learned.”

She has also volunteered with Seattle Tilth Farm Works in Auburn where she helped plant trees and shrubs to filter agricultural runoff and support native pollinators.

Mayme is enthusiastic to continue inspiring others to take action. “I feel everyone needs to engage in the food system, as it’s a game-changer! We need to support farmers and protect land for growing food. We also need to grow food at home for ourselves and for food banks, because everyone is entitled to healthy food.”

Volunteering with Seattle Tilth is a great way to meet inspiring people in your community, like Mayme.

Interested in becoming a Master Composter and doing similar work in your community? Apply online! The following master composting and recycling education programs are currently accepting applications, depending on where you live:


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