Way to Grow Urban Farms: Jane’s Place

By Ian Taylor

This article is part of the Way to Grow Urban Farms series by Ian Taylor highlighting six hosts from the 2015 Chicken Coop & Urban Farm Tour.

Jane’s Place is a jewel of a tiny back yard that shows what can be done in a small space, given enough ingenuity and some crafty work. The coop that houses three chickens and a Flemish Giant rabbit is squeezed between a shed and the property line with tunnels snaking across the yard that give the chickens more places to scratch without allowing them into the veggies.

Jane says, “I’ve always wanted to become self-sufficient. My partner Kevin and I started growing vegetables two years ago, then added chickens, then rabbits. The Flemish Giant is not the best breed for meat but I started with that so I could try my hand at rabbit-rearing. We’ll move on from here.”

Jane is currently raising three chicks of different breeds to expand the flock. The chicks were a big hit with visitors during the Chicken Coop & Urban Farm Tour, especially the children.

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