Live Well this Winter

By Hong Chhuor, Communications Coordinator

Winter in the Northwest can be a challenging time if you love sun and being outside. Throw in stress from the holidays and it’s bound to take a toll on your well-being. Be present for and enjoy living in the moment this winter with these tips.

Eat seasonally

‘Tis the season for cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cabbage and kale. They’re an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K and other nutrients. Eat up!


Sleep Soundly

It’s tempting to post one last tweet before bed, but Harvard sleep researcher Stephen Lockley finds that “blue light” emitted by electronic device screens interfere with your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels – put them away an hour or two before bed to get better ZZZs.


Waste Not

Every Thanksgiving, Americans waste about 400 Statues of Liberty’s worth of turkey by weight, says Jonathan Bloom, author of American Wasteland.


Boost Your Vitamin D

Our bodies need the sun’s UVB rays (which cannot penetrate glass) to produce enough vitamin D to support bone, immune system and general health. According to Harvard Health Publications, diet alone is rarely sufficient. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we only get enough sun during the summer months — so be sure to pick-up some vitamin D supplements.


Stay Active

Go outside on a dry winter day and breathe fresh air. Visiting a garden can help create your own oasis of calm in the city. Seattle has a number of carefully planned winter gardens as well as natural areas featuring winter blooms and wildlife sightings. Just a 30 minute walk through one of these gardens will enhance the synthesis of brain serotonin – boosting your mood and possibly helping to combat the winter blues. Here’s a list of local gardens.

Originally printed in Seattle Tilth’s newsletter, Way to Grow, December 2014-January 2015.

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