Master Composters Tell All


Are you passionate about the environment and want to share your enthusiasm with others? Interested in building soil biodiversity and creating sustainable landscapes? Well, you’re in luck! Seattle Tilth is currently accepting applications for our Master Composter/Soil Builder program for 2014. Read on for what others have to say about their experience with the program.

Applications are due by Monday, March 10. APPLY NOW!

Get the Dirt from a Master Composter

Whether I’m hiking through the woods or working in the garden, my MC/SB opportunity taught me to honor the unseen heroes of the earth who help regenerate and nourish the cycle of life.

–Erinn Hale, Class of 2013

Soil Map

The MC/SB program connected me to Seattle Tilth, a highly-respected nonprofit in Seattle, providing links to  like-minded individuals who want to “change the landscape” of our city’s waste management. I appreciated seeing working gardens and compost operations and they have provided me inspiration for the grassroots projects I am currently working on in my neighborhood. It has also been an effective point for networking with other community organizers as I connect with others who have completed the program over the years. Last but not least, I had a rockin’ time at the ZooTunes concerts while promoting sustainability!

–Tasha Mosher, Class of 2012


I learned so much about soil structure and what makes soil healthy or unhealthy for plants. I learned about how recycling occurs naturally with composting. And I learned that I could have a great time learning these things with brand new friends. The MC/SB class was truly excellent and definitely some of the most important education that I’ve ever had.

Maggie Pinson, Class of 2013

Cedar Grove Tour

For me, sustainable gardens are a metaphor for sustainable life and much more than just “dig-hole-put-in-seed.” I needed the foundations of soil magic — the happy worm feeding and healthy bio-cycle stuff. Lots more to learn, but it was the best start. Now I can build my own worm and compost bins and that’s the start of a great garden. There is no better way to get “grounded” in your element!

–Ann Schiffer, Class of 2011


I learned that thousands of Seattleites either know how to recycle or compost properly or are willing to learn, and greatly appreciate volunteers who are championing this cause. I learned firsthand how many people are growing food themselves, creatively reusing recyclables, vermicomposting and being part of “the solution” in a myriad of ways. I had fun, felt a vital part of sustainable community building and will continue doing this till I’m compost myself.

–Aaron Silverberg, Class of 2013

MCSB p-patch Training

I took this class several years ago and have been in love with Seattle Tilth ever since. I met good people and learned more than I thought I would. I also learned about all the other programs that make up Seattle Tilth. I use my skills today to help teach people at work how to recycle and compost responsibly. I even earned one workplace an award for outstanding recycling practices! I continue to volunteer at Seattle Tilth when I can and have found my calling in life partly because of my involvement with Seattle Tilth and the MC/SB program.

–Jody Littlecrowe, Class of 2010

Seattle Tilth’s Master Composter/Soil Builder program is a volunteer outreach training program. Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll be able to teach others to build worm bins, compost food and yard waste, and build healthy urban soils. Bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply. For Seattle residents only.  Find out more and apply now!

Questions? Contact Sheri Hinshaw at (206) 633-0451 ext. 125 or

Deadline to apply is Monday, March 10.

MCSB 2013MCSB Logo_2014

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