Vote YES to Approve Initiative 522


By now, you’ve probably tuned into the buzz surrounding Initiative 522 (I-522) or seen some of the well-funded opposition and how it has broken the record for the most money spent on opposing a Washington state ballot initiative, previously held by the No on 1183 campaign (the initiative that privatized liquor sales in Washington state).

Seattle Tilth supports I-522, which requires the labeling of foods produced through genetic engineering (GE), resulting in genetically modified organisms (GMO). Consumers have a right to know if foods have been genetically engineered so we can make informed choices about food we buy and consume.

The numbers on the Public Disclosures Commission website are pretty stark — see how the Yes contributions and the No contributions stack-up against each other, or check out this revealing infographic. Large agribusiness and chemical corporations are funding the campaign entirely, including Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), Bayer Cropscience and Dow Agrosciences LLC. The average donation to the No campaign is $2 million while the average donation to the Yes on 522 campaign is $25 from more than 7,000 donors, mostly in-state. You might also be surprised by which organic and natural food brands are funneling cash through the GMA to oppose GMO labeling — check out this shopper’s guide from the Cornucopia Institute.

In light of how well-funded the No campaign, if you’re an individual who cares about labeling GMOs, your vote will be key.

Read more about our position on this topic: on our website, in our article GMOs and You, and by checking-out our frequently asked questions.

Then find your ballot, be sure to Vote “YES” to approve I-522 to label GMO foods — and get your ballot in the mailbox!

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