Seattle Tilth Shines in the Media

Photo courtesy of Thor Radford

Photo courtesy of Thor Radford

It’s always exciting to share our stories with other organizations who are doing great work in our region. Check out the following videos and articles that have appeared in the media recently to gain a bit more perspective about the work that Seattle Tilth is doing in the community and how it connects with similar efforts near and far.

Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands
was the focus of a five-page feature story in Seattle Magazine by Maria Dolan that was published in the August edition. It’s well written in-depth coverage with personal stories and outstanding photos by Zack Bent.

Seattle’s Child ran a wonderful feature story on September 9 about our children’s garden and farm education programs based at the Rainier Beach Learning Garden and the Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands. Written by Wenda Reed, it features beautiful photos by Thor Radford (one is pictured above).  Rainier Beach Learning Garden was also featured on Q13’s Growing Young Gardeners with reporter Tim Joyce. Students, parents and Community Kitchens NW Program Manager Leika Suzumura show how they make school cool by growing and eating food from the garden .  Also on Q13, Garden Educator Carey Thornton shows us how to be a savvy garden and save  seeds from the garden.

Seattle Tilth Farm Works program manager Matthew McDermott was featured in YES! Magazine’s video “The Future of Food”! Also included are quick shots of Food Hub Manager Chris Iberle and STFW farmers, along with other food movement folks from our region (native foods educator Valerie Segrest, beekeeper Bob Redmond and Glenn Herlihy from Beacon Hill Food Forest) and beyond. Author Raj Patel says “When you see people succeeding, then we move from ‘I’m just one person, what can I do?’ to ‘Let’s start!’”

Urban Chickens: Policy, Economy and Culture,” a 5 minute video from Canadian TV show Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing our Food System, features our Executive Director Andrea Dwyer (0:30 and 2:55) talking enthusiastically about chicken legislation in Seattle and our chicken classes with our Harvest Fair bustling in the background. It also includes other interviews including Kevin Scott-Vandenberge from Portage Bay Grange Feed and Mercantile.

In an interesting and beautiful 30 minute video “Eggs Episode,” also from Canadian TV show Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing our Food System, Andrea is featured briefly at 11:30, introducing our Harvest Fair and how chickens are involved, and also at the end at 22:29, encouraging people to take classes to learn more about keeping chickens.

Seattle has been touted as a leader in the local food and urban farming movement in a couple national “Best of” blogs, and Seattle Tilth was mentioned as playing an instrumental role. Personal finance blog Nerd Wallet (based in California) cited Seattle as #4 in their article “Best Cities for Urban Gardening” and named Seattle Tilth, describing what we do and linking to our website. Similarly, real estate blog Estately (based in Seattle) selected Seattle as #1 in their article “Six Best Cities for Locavores” and credited Seattle Tilth for our role in the burgeoning “chicken ranching” trend.

Stay current with Seattle Tilth news by checking our pressroom.

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