Ducks Offer Eggs and Charm

duck and basket

By Cara Ianni, Resource Conservation Program Manager

Who eats slugs and make excellent pets? Backyard ducks! People have kept ducks for centuries, raising these delightful and entertaining animals for eggs, meat or feathers. Ducks provide excellent pest control for your garden, eating a wide variety of insects and other invertebrates, and they tend to be less destructive than chickens. Their eggs have higher oil content than chicken eggs, making them great for baking. Well adapted to our wet weather, ducks are funny and charming companions.

After they bond with you, don’t be surprised to find them waddling after you as you stroll around your backyard. While backyard ducks may not be for everyone, this month’s Raise City Ducks class is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about what it takes to raise them. The class will cover basic physiology and behavior, housing, nutrition, city regulations, different breeds and egg laying — no pond required!

Originally printed in Seattle Tilth’s newsletter, Way to Grow, August-September 2012.

ducksRaise City Ducks

Wednesday, September 18; 6-8 p.m.
4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Room 221
Advanced registration required

3 responses to “Ducks Offer Eggs and Charm

  1. I have clicked on the “register now” repeatedly and it’s not working. Maybe I’ll just show up? I’m on a Mac, they don’t always work the same as windows.

  2. I have 4 Kaki Campbell ducks for sale, born early April 2013 and starting to lay eggs. One drake and 3 hens, they grew up together, friendly, and roam in my backyard. Asking 80.00 for all four. I live down in Kent.

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