Who are the Critters in Your Neighborhood?

Critter Collage

In the city of Seattle, we’re lucky enough to be able to keep a variety of urban livestock. Not all cities are so supportive of ultra-local food sources! In 2010, the city adopted the Seattle Municipal Code for Urban Farms and Community Gardens, which outlines regulations for urban agriculture.

Did you know that you can have up to eight domestic fowl – like chickens and ducks – three additional small animals, including goats, rabbits and pot-bellied pigs, and up to four beehives in a typical city lot? Don’t forget that cats and dogs are considered small animals, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your urban menagerie.

Urban Livestock Curious?

Are you toying with the idea of keeping some feathered, furry or buzzing friends but not sure? Learn more by taking one or more of our urban livestock classes.

Show Off Your Coop or Urban Farm

Urban farmers: we’re looking for urban farms to participate in our annual Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour. After feedback from hosts and tourists alike, we’re selecting the “Top 25” sites for 2013. We’re convening a selection committee of Seattle Tilth educators and some local “urban livestock celebrities” from the community to pick the hosts for this year, and to hand out a few special awards. We’ll be looking for a wide diversity of different site hosts that demonstrate sustainable urban farming practices, so everyone’s encouraged to apply to be a coop tour host!

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