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  1. I would appreciate any tips on how to make an inexpensive cloche. My first time to do this — new recipient of garden patch in Shoreline Twin Ponds Community Gardens. I want to look like I know what I’m doing. LOL (Sort of kidding – I want a harvest mostly!) I see you use binder clips rather than ordering special clips from a maker. I’ve got some plastic — maybe not heavy duty though. No piping or hula hoops either. Will have to buy something, I guess.

    • Hi there, we asked the Garden Hotline here’s what they had to say:

      It is possible to make an inexpensive cloche for your garden bed! The main ingredients of a cloche are some type of support, generally the bent plastic pipe, a sheet of plastic, something to clip the plastic onto the pipe, a support across the top of the cloche and a way to support the pipe at ground level.

      • The binder clips are an easy find for clips.
      • The plastic can be any type of opaque plastic, better for it not to be completely clear. Greenhouse grade plastic lasts longer so value over time is a consideration.
      • The supports are generally the bent plastic pipe because it is easy to work with, can be adapted to various size beds and is easy to store. We recommend PE pipe instead of PVC. OR be creative and build a wood frame out of recycled wood that you can move into place and then move out of the way once you do not need the cloche any longer. Just make sure to have a peak to the roof so water does not collect.
      • Roof supports are important with the hoops because they help to stabilize the cloche. These can be a thick bamboo stake or a 1” by 1” piece of wood as long as the cloche frame.
      • Supports for the pipe can be pieces of rebar stuck into the ground that the pipe slips over or if you have a raised bed some type of hardware attached to the side of the wood frame that the pipe slips into.

      You can find the plastic and pipe and any hardware at local hardware stores. Binder clips are found where office supplies are sold. We do sell cloche kits here at the Seattle Tilth office for $45.00 that include the greenhouse grade plastic, PE pipe (three hoops) and plastic clips made for cloches. You need to add the rebar or hardware for the ground level pipe support and the peak support. The cloche kit we sell covers a bed 6 to 8 feet long and 3 feet wide on a 3 foot high frame with plastic hanging over both ends. Feel free to call the Garden Hotline and discuss your needs with us anytime! We are here from 9 to 5 on Monday through Saturday at 206-633-0224.

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to give me this information. I would love to build it myself with wood, but have neither shop nor tools at this time, so will go with the PE pipe. Do you have a rough idea of comparison of your $45 cost versus buying the pieces myself? It would be good to save the time yet I spent a good deal on seedlings at the Edible Plant Sale last Saturday and so looking to remain a practically frugal gardener. Thanks!!!!

    • It would vary depending on where you pick up your supplies. We source our plastic, clips and pipe from Steubers Distributing Company at wholesale and assemble them into the kits we sell. Keep in mind that the plastic you pick up at a retail outlet may not be greenhouse grade — the kind we use in our kits — and that it will probably come in standard sized rolls, so you’ll have to cut it to suit you purposes. The same goes for the pipes. Hope that helps!

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