Get a Smart Start for Your Spring Garden

by Chris Iberle, events & volunteer manager


Seattle Tilth’s March Edible Plant Sale is back for its fourth year. Great varieties for planting in cool spring weather abound at the sale, so don’t miss it on Saturday, March 16, 9 a.m.-3p.m. Let us know you’re coming via our Facebook event!

We’re in a new central location this year, conveniently located between I-5 and State Route 99, three miles south of downtown at Pacific Market Center in Georgetown (6100 4th Ave. S). The sale will be full of information to help you pick the right plants to create a great spring garden. Shop smart with the following tips in mind…

Love to grow onions to keep for storage? Don’t wait to get them in May! It’s crucial to plant the long day varieties in early spring to allow the greens to fully develop. The biggest bulbs come when the tops are lush and robust, so they will need to get started early. All the onions at the sale can be harvested as scallions — just pull the long day varieties before they mature. A good trick is to plant them two inches apart and thin out every other plant for a green onion harvest throughout the season.

Add edible perennial plants to your garden to invest in a good eating future. Spring is a great time to get them into the ground. Imagine adding some zing to your sandwiches with your own horseradish sauce, or stirring up a vitamin-packed soup with some fresh sorrel leaves. Look for a good assortment of herbs, strawberry plants, rhubarb, sunchokes, asparagus and the long-lived artichoke as well.

Have early garden success with succession planting. By planting cold tolerant crops in March, you can have a great spring garden and enjoy a lovely salad months before summer arrives. Cold tolerant plants like lettuce, spinach and mustards make a lovely early spring salad, and you’ll be harvesting when most gardeners are just getting started in May.

Select cold tolerant plants from the Brassica family like broccoli, cabbage, kale, collards and cauliflower. These plants produce sugars as an anti-freeze, making them sweetest in the spring during cool weather. Brassica crops planted in March will be sweeter than those planted in May, when things start to warm up, so your raw kale salad will be the talk of the block in April.

This is the first of TWO Edible Plant Sales. Mark your calendars and join us on May 5 & 6 at our May Edible Plant Sale in Wallingford to pick-up your summer garden plants.

We’ll all survive the wet, cold winter and spring gardening is a fun way to celebrate. You deserve to get a jump on your backyard bounty (and enjoy tasty fresh food down the road) with local, organic, sustainable veggie starts from our March Edible Plant Sale. We’ll also have garden supplies like cloche kits, seeds, worms, compost, potting soil, as well bare root trees and shrubs and free garden talks. See you there!

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