Afterschool Cooking Clubs – Delicious Salad Dressing

Sauces & Spices

by Karrie Bergman

Greens are a staple of the afterschool cooking clubs and many times students use fresh greens to make delicious salads to accompany the dishes they are learning to cook.  These salads sometimes are made with lettuce but are often made with dark greens like kale or chard from the Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands.  The salads also contain a variety of chopped vegetables and sometime chopped fruit such as apples.


Maybe the coolest part of learning to make a salad is learning how to make delicious vinaigrette to go with it.  A basic vinaigrette is a mixture of oil, vinegar, and seasonings.  Students in the afterschool cooking clubs learn the basic recipe and then use different types of vinegar and seasonings to make it their own.

Students at Aki Kurose Middle School learned how to make a dressing using individual cups so each student could practice adjusting the flavors for the perfect balance.

SaladThe students don’t just learn how to balance the flavors to create a delicious dressing, they learn not to be afraid of trying new flavors and spices.

One of the Rainier Beach High School students loves to use a bit of vanilla and brown sugar in her dressing to balance out the tartness of the vinegar. 

To create a vinaigrette dressing for your next salad try this basic vinaigrette recipe from Community Kitchens NW.  Don’t be afraid to use different spices to make the vinaigrette taste perfect for you!

Karrie Bergman is a Master of Public Health student currently working on her graduate practicum with RaVE. A Washington native, Karrie is passionate about promoting the connection between health and food.

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