Update from the Community Kitchen at SPU

Hard at Work

by Leah Swanson, Assistant Coordinator, Community Kitchen at SPU

This month we brought in the new year with a bang! Or should I say eggplant? We were able to celebrate the start of the year with delicious food, good company, and lots of stories from the holidays. The food focus of the evening was, as you could guess, eggplant!

We started with a round of mouth-watering bruschetta topped with warm eggplant ragu and melted mozzarella and parmesan. This was followed by a colorful winter root slaw, which was complemented by crunchy pumpkin seeds and a light lemon dressing. The next dish enjoyed was eggplant stuffed with a rice, vegetable, and tomato chutney blend. The stuffing had a wonderful fusion of flavors, including a harissa spice blend. To top off dinner, everyone was served a moist, flavorful slice of carrot cake, which was a delicious and healthy way to end the evening! The participants departed with a loaf of bread, carrot cupcakes, jalapeño soup, and festive wild rice pilaf.

We look forward to another fun and exciting kitchen next month on February 13th for Ethiopian food!

Thanks to Tall Grass Bakery for all of the generous and much appreciated bread donations!

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