Teaching Teamwork Through Cooking

by Karrie Bergman

RaVE sponsors after-school cooking clubs at four schools in southeast Seattle.  These cooking clubs teach students much more than how to create a delicious meal.

Cooking classes teach leadership, sharing, creativity, and especially teamwork.  In each class, students work together through every step of the cooking process and at the end of all of the work they sit down together and share the amazing meal they created.

Step 4: While the food is cooking, students work together to clean up.

Step 5: After all the planning, prep, cooking, and cleaning are finished it is time for the class to sit down and share the delicious meal they created together. 

Karrie Bergman is a Master of Public Health student currently working on her graduate practicum with RaVE. A Washington native, Karrie is passionate about promoting the connection between health and food.

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