RaVE After-School Cooking Clubs in Full Swing

By Karrie Bergman

This fall, RaVE is sponsoring after-school cooking programs for kids from 3rd to 12th grade at South Shore K-8 School, Aki Kurose Middle School, Cleveland High School, and Rainier Beach High School.  The 2012 Fall cooking programs are completing their sixth week.  So far the students have learned to make many different foods including pizza, quesadillas, pasta casserole, and homemade Top Ramen®; all featuring locally grown vegetables and whole grain ingredients.  Most popular are the dark greens like chard and kale some of which are grown locally at the Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands.

The first four weeks of class students learn basic skills like knife safety and skills, how to use easily available ingredients to make healthy meals, and how to work together to prepare a communal meal.In weeks six to ten students have more input on what they cook; using their creativity to take the ingredients of the week to make complete meals.

While learning to cook students are also learning how to be self-sufficient.  One student exclaimed that she loved cooking class because she will know how to cook for herself while her older sister still has to have their mom cook for her.

Fall cooking programs continue until mid-December, winter programs begin January 2013.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Karrie Bergman is a Master of Public Health student currently working on her graduate practicum with RaVE.  A Washington native, Karrie is passionate about promoting the connection between health and food.