RaVE Increases Access to Healthy Foods

In addition to the traditional means of increasing local residents’ access to food that includes the Rainier Valley Food Bank, RaVE has continued to pack and distribute Good Food Bags (GFB).  Good Food Bags contain locally grown produce and are being distributed to reach local families through three different models: work distribution, funded distribution, and paid orders.  155 good Food Bags were packed and distributed to Rainier Valley residents this quarter including clients from church groups, students’ families,  and community kitchen volunteers.

Good food bags were provided to the 12-14 community kitchen volunteers in exchange for three hours of time spent preparing the monthly community dinner.  Cleveland High School used the grant funded distribution model to send a bag home twice a month with 6-10 students whose families could benefit from receiving fresh vegetables. These students attended the cooking club so they shared vegetables with their families that they learned to cook with their peers in the after school cooking club.

RaVE is also filling some bags for customers who pay and place their orders through a community coordinator who collects the orders and helps with the final distribution. RaVE is looking to expand this model for distribution by partnering with programs such as the Parent Child Assistance Program where using the bags could be combined with a class on how to use the produce.