The Danny Woo Garden

The Danny Woo International District Community Garden is a lovely urban park in the heart of downtown Seattle.  The 1.5-acre garden, managed by Interim CDA, provides community gardening space, picnic benches, public art and walking trails.

In 2008 a children’s garden was added to the Danny Woo Community Garden. Experiences like outdoor gardening give children a sense of accomplishment—and hope. The young gardeners are immigrants or have immigrant parents, and all come from low-income backgrounds.

Because of a mini-grant from RaVE a total of 79 students received education about growing their own food, earth care-taking, nutrition, cooking, and working in a group.  So far there have been:

  • Two groups of 18 pre-schoolers from Denise Louie Education Center
  • 26 5th grade students from Bailey Gatzert
  • 5 3rd-5th grade students from Bailey Gatzert (after-school class)
  • 2 middle and high school aged students from the Puget Sound Community School

As summer continues there will be more classes going on with the young people from Denise Louie and a dinner with elders is being planned.  Learn more here!