Cleveland High School STEM Food Justice Boot Camp

Last year Cleveland had a great after-school cooking program.  This summer they are doing a food justice boot camp.  Go Cleveland!

This two-week program explores the local and industrial food systems and introduces diet and food-related social justice issues. The program will also introduce students to various food-related jobs and occupations. Students visit farmers markets, urban farms, stores, and restaurants, while meeting and learning from chefs, cooks, activists, public health workers, nutritionists, landscapers, etc. Among the specific field trip sites are Marra Farm, the Rainier Beach Urban Farm, and the Corson Building.

Students will cook on most days, including two days of service when they prepare lunch for a large group of incoming 9th graders at Cleveland. They also will be working throughout the two weeks to revitalize and maintain Cleveland’s own school garden.Choose a Featured Image

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