City Fruit’s Orchard Stewardship Program

New Fruit Trees at Martha Washington Park

South Seattle residents are excited about incorporating fruit trees and berry bushes into community gardens.  City Fruit’s RaVE Orchard Steward program has promoted this effort by providing fruit trees and berry bushes and tree water bags.  Per square yard of space, these trees will provide a significant amount of food to the community.

Our collaborators include:   Seattle Tilth (the Just Garden Project and Rainier Beach Learning Garden);  Lettuce Link/Solid Ground (Seattle Community Farm);  Seattle Parks & Recreation  (Martha Washington Park and Bradner Gardens); the Friends of Bradner Gardens;  the Green Plate Special;  and the Seattle Children’s Play Garden.

In addition to providing plant material, City Fruit has consulted with community gardeners about the best varieties of fruit to plant and about how to keep fruit trees healthy.