Trip to Vancouver

Cathy Tuttle, Diana Vergis-Vinh, Becca Fong, Katie Pencke, Syreeta Bernal, Leika Suzumura, Angie Wood, Nora Peters, Kathryn Buckley, Natalie Thomson

On January 25th and 26th a group of healthy food system advocates from Public Health’s Rainier Valley Eats! team, Seattle Tilth, the University of Washington, United Way and the City of Seattle went up to Vancouver to learn about their community food programs.

Solefood Farms

We visited Fresh Choice Kitchens, learned about DECK, (the Downtown Eastside Community Kitchen Project) and the Farmer’s Market Nutrition Coupon Project, visited the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Solefood Farms, Save-On Meats, The Grandview Woodland Food Connection and met with the co-director of the Vancouver Food Policy Council.

One of the participants summed it up nicely when she said:  “I think the most lasting overall impression the trip made on me was the positive, optimistic attitude of all of the food system advocates/change makers we met and how they conveyed the momentum they had and positive thoughts about the future.  The goal of taking care of your neighbor and responsibility for one another is something that just made me feel warm and fuzzy.”