New Year with the Community Kitchen at SPU

By David Eschliman, Assistant Coordinator, Community Kitchen at SPU

What better way to bring in the New Year than with food shared among friends? As a sort of homage to traditional New Year’s party festivities and the upcoming Super Bowl season, the SPU Community Kitchen created foods in authentic party fashion: our formal table meal was replaced by snacks and finger foods prepared and eaten to the sounds of good music as the evening went on. A total of 15 participants made this our best attended kitchens to date.

We made two dips (artichoke and spinach dip, and sweet potato hummus), glazed cinnamon-vanilla almonds, burgers and homemade dilled potato “chips” (thank you, Olsen Farm for your generous donation!). As usual, we mixed things up a bit. Our burger wasn’t a traditional beef patty, but a crunchy on the outside, soft-on-the-inside vegetable-bulgur burger. The two delicious dips we made were served with bread donated by our favorite bakery in Ballard, Tall Grass Bakery. The candied almonds were a huge hit and luckily, a small recipe error resulted in a double batch of almonds, about which no one complained. The evening grazing was topped off with chocolate and peanut butter covered banana pieces, coated with crunchy coconut flakes, and appropriately dubbed by Dr. Geleva “Monkey Bites”. All the participants went home with a quart of fantastic smoky black bean chili and half a dozen cornbread muffins.

The unique format of this Kitchen gave everyone all the opportunity to converse and spend a lot more time enjoying each other’s company. Thank you to all who attended! We are already looking forward to our Valentine’s Day-themed February 8th Kitchen.