The Wash Pack Station is Nearly Complete!

United Peoples Farm at Red Barn Ranch is one step closer to becoming a fully functioning certified small-farm! After a slight pause in our construction schedule with a snowstorm, ice storm, then windstorm that brought trees and power-lines down around the neighborhood (power was out for four days), the team is back on track and finishing off our Wash Pack Station.

Zach, with our new live-in interns Paul and Ivy, with help from Ben (Cafe Racer), Ike Dodd, and other volunteers, have gotten the main poles in, framed out the station, and installed roofing. The next steps are the filters and pipes, tables, drying stations, shelving, and water-recycling system with proper drainage and gravel.

The station is a very important part of a good agriculture plan and we are extremely thankful for the support of the Sustainable Path Foundation and New Belgium Brewery. Their generous awards of support grants are helping the farm become sustainable and more efficient.

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