Early Freeze and Seattle City Council Tour

It has been a whirl-wind Autumn and Winter is coming fast (actually already here at 410′ off the Green River floor!

Things have been very busy at the farm! Unknown to us we had a very early freeze around October 15th, much earlier than we expected. We continued to sell frozen chard and kale until mid-November, got cover crop see into the ground a few weeks late (each week you are late, you lose of the potential 50% biomass), however we got it in just in-time for the freeze.

In November we had a great tour of the farm by Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin, well known for supporting and making changes to our local food regulations and codes.

On his Blog Conlin gave the following supportive input, “It’s a great concept (Seattle Tilth Farm Works), and our tour group – which included staff from the Port of Seattle, Public Health, and other organizations – could see the potential that this land has.  We are looking forward to working with Tilth to ensure that all of the arable land is brought into production – and that Seattle residents will have access to healthy food while creating income for new farmers.”

Much of the work now is preparing for the next group of participants, set to start on January 14th, 2012! We have accepted three new interns; Ivy, Paul, and Dana! Totally excited! We have also connected formally with the International Rescue Committee and the Office of Refugee Resettlement at the 2011 IRC Conference that was held in San Diego, in early December. It was great meeting everyone and we will be working closely with this outstanding international organization to build a stronger program.

Have a great holiday season and we will see you in January! Thank you all for all of the help and support that you have provided, we could not have done this without very committed partners, supporters, advisors, and staff!

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