South Shore and Rainer Beach High School Cook & Learn Together

By Sara Waldron, Seattle Public Schools

The Rainer Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands is already getting student visitors. 5th grade students from South Shore K-8 walked to the farm, harvested tomatoes, and cooked up a delicious tomato soup with some High School students from Rainer Beach High School.  The tomato soup and some fresh bread that the students got donated through persuasive letters was enjoyed by the 4th and 5th graders at a, “Big 4 reward,” sleepover last week.  The kids said the field trip was the best yet and they learned a ton through applying their skills in science, math, and writing. The high school students also helped the 5th graders map the history of the tomato. We’re hoping the next community vines event will involve the culinary program at Rainer Beach High School and some squash or pumpkin dish.  With so many great green spaces and resources in the valley, the community vines events are aimed at sharing food, fun, and resources between the neighbor schools to contribute to a stronger, healthier, more connected neighborhood.

These 5th graders are also the WINNERS of our Food Day Photo Contest! Congratulations South Shore! We hope you enjoy the gardening guide, seeds, and grocery store gift card. Thanks for participating in Food Day.