WIN This Book! – The Maritime Northwest Garden Guide

Hey Rainier Valley Eats! fans – We wanted to remind everyone that Food Day is coming up on October 24th and we are excited to be able to offer a variety of prizes, including the Maritime Northwest Garden Guide!  This book is a comprehensive guide to gardening specifically for the climate of the pacific northwest. Below is one the many rave reviews written on this book:

“It is a planting calendar for year-round organic gardening and so much more. Growing in this climate is so vastlydifferent from my experiences in the Midwest that sometimes I felt like a complete novice. Month-by-month, the Garden Guide provides a nearly exhaustive list on which seeds are appropriate to sow indoors, sow outdoors, and sow under cloches. Following their suggestions yields year-round produce. It’s full of great reminders that January is the time to start planning your crop rotation, February is the time to have your soil tested, March is the month to begin the soil amendments and April is the time to begin hardening off. What? you don’t know what “hardening off” means? You really need to buy this book!”Another said:

“This book filled in all of the gaps from other books we had and provided exactly the information we were looking for, for our garden here in the Puget Sound. Highly recommended.”

Man, after reading that I really want this book!  If you feel the same way you should probably participate in RaVE‘s Food Day Facebook Photo Contest for a chance to WIN it for FREE!!