UPFarm Getting Fresh Food to White Center Shop Fresh Day!

On Saturday, August 20th, White Center Development Association and Seattle’s Healthy Foods Here Program joined forces to raise the awareness of fresh, healthy foods now available in six produce markets and three Halal stores in White Center’s business district!

United Peoples Farm participants took part by providing sample boxes of their produce to five stores in the area.

By connecting walking (a healthy activity) with fresh, nurtitious food access, residents toured the event and were asked to purchased healthy fruits and vegetables while learning about unique culinary traditions of our community neighbors.

White Center shoppers entered participating Summer Shop Fresh stores, checked in at a “Healthy Foods Here” tables where attendees participated in a food survey relating to healthy food and fitness. Afterward, they were gifted a “Spend $6, Get $3 Off” coupon. For every $3 dollars of money spent on a purchase, at one of the participating store! 

United Peoples Farm produce was delivered fresh, locally grown, to; Lee’s Produce, West Seattle Halal Market, White Center International Deli and Halal Store, and Samway Market. One of the ideas from farmers is to create a business-styled CSA (community supported agriculture) where store owners who would like to carry food grown by United Peoples Farm apprentices only order 1 or 2 vegetables in a season for the FIP participants to grow.

The stores know that they have one or two produce varieties that they can depend on and lock a price into making it more affordable overall. United Peoples Farm participants have a “guaranteed market” that they can learn to create a lasting business relationship. Simple? No. However, learning how to improve business for low to moderate income communities, both on the productions and the distribution side is an evolving process that takes time and creativity!

Seattle Tilth is part of the Healthy Foods Here project which supports small, local businesses selling fresh fruits and vegetables become certified in the Federal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps. Stores that accept SNAP and WIC increase access to healthy foods for low-income residents. For more information about the Healthy Foods Here project, please visit the official website at www.healthyfoodshere.com.

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