Fresh Sheet!

*Indicates Limited Quantity

Romaine Lettuce: — $1.00/each

Butterhead Lettuce: — $1.00/each

*Loose Arugula: —$1.00/lb

*Small Head Broccoli: — $1.00/lb

*Romanesco Brocoli: — $2.00/lb

Rainbow Chard: — $0.75/bunch

White Chard: — $0.75/bunch

*Dinosaur Kale: — $1.50/bunch

Cucumbers: —$1.50/lb

Collard Greens: —$1.00/bunch

Red Russian Kale: — $1.25/bunch

Carrots:  —$1.00/lb

Green Cabbage: — $1.00/lb

Yellow Squash: — $1.00/lb

Baby Golden Beets: — $1.75/lb

Red Beets: —$1.75/lb

Green Beans: —$1.75/lb

Dragon’s Tongue Beans: — $1.75/lb

Order Now!

Contact Eddie Hill @ (206) 330-5039 ( Leave your order before 2 pm on Tuesday or Thursday evening for a Wednesday or Friday delivery.  As we are learning our markets, we are open to discussion of pricing, especially if ordering in quantity.  Please ask!

Deliveries: Wednesday and Friday Afternoons

17601 SE Lake Moneysmith Rd, Auburn, WA 98092

Farm Operations: Monday-Saturday, 9 am-5 pm

Learn more at:

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