Farmer Counsel Meeting 2

This last Saturday, the 23rd, we had our second farmer counsel meeting.  Meetings are important for all organizations and groups of people, but even more so when confusions surface due to communication limitations.  With our one of the farmers interpreting for everyone, all are able to have their voices heard without the limitations of unknown words.

This weekend, we formally introduced our two new farm managers, Micah Anderson and Zach Gayne.  Both have now been working for one month, but they were able to introduce themselves and the skills and focus they bring to the group.  Welcome to the farm!

Then we moved on to marketing.  Marketing in the United States to restaurants and stores is very different then in Somalia and we were able to clear up confusions, such as why we pay them two weeks after they sell their produce to us and why the market needs can change week to week.

This led into farmer concerns, which included the need for more markets and also the continued need for irrigation.  We were able to explain some of the difficulties we’ve had in moving forward with these things and were able to bring the challenges to the whole group to help with and to offer suggestions.  It is our shared farm and working together we can succeed the best!

The meeting ended well with many grey areas cleared up and a better idea of how we can all move forward together.

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