To market, to market…

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To market we go, and the Seattle Tilth Produce distributor is coming right along with it.  How does it work, you ask?  The farmers are busy learning the new field, new climate, new plants and more.  Learning new markets is more than some of the farmers are ready to participate in and this is where the distributor comes in.  We develop the markets, manage deliveries, and act as the middle-man to get the produce from the farmers to you.  Connections are made, produce sold, and the farmers have choices on how they want to market depending on what they are ready for.

New skills that are currently being learned: how to harvest unfamiliar crops, how to clean them, and how the stores like to receive them.  They are also learning the value of their crops so they can make more educated crop decisions in the years ahead.

The Somali-Bantu Family Farmers of Washington, in their second year in the program, have decided to not use the distributor and are marketing all of their produce on their own.  Look for them currently at Highline Community College and the Des Moines Farmers Market.  Second year and more sure of their abilities!


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