Meetings and Farm work

Saturdays are busy days on the farm.  It is when the most people are able to make it, kids are out of school and come to work with their parents, and those who work are able to make time to come and join as well.  As it is one of the days with highest participation, it is also the best day to have Farmer Leadership Counsel.

This weekend, we gathered into a large room, with snacks and water.  We re-discussed the agreement that we all signed in on, including what is expected and being provided by Seattle Tilth and the farmers.  This conversation smoothly shifted into discussions about greenhouse use, land use confusions, and other issues that just needed a time and place to be spoken about.  Everyone left happy with the decisions made and went back to work with a better understanding where everyone stands.

One picture you will see is of big piles of sod!  Starting on new farm land takes time, and we are working our way forward.  This back piece of land is almost ready to be rototilled, but like the rest of the land needed major rock removal first.  While doing that, the farmers also removed large amounts of sod to hopefully get a jump start on the weeds for later in the season.  Many hands have put in hard work to making this farm what it is!

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