Hello to all from Seattle Tilth’s United People’s Farm! Thank you for stopping by to learn about this exciting program. If you are joining us for the first time please enjoy this overview of the project and leave a comment with any questions or responses. If you’ve been redirected to this blog from Burst Farmer’s Blog, thanks for following that project and please catch up on the exciting progress and changes that are underway.

After two years of dreaming, developing, and implementing a farming project intended to give local refugees, immigrants, and other low income individuals in South King County the resources and support to develop their own financial security, build assets, and further connect with their larger community, Burst for Prosperity has transferred their program to Seattle Tilth. Burst received funding from the Communities Putting Prevention to Work grant in order to help make this transition happen, and to engage another farm incubator in California, ALBA, as technical advisers.  This year Seattle Tilth is working with nine small businesses on a 40 acre piece of land currently owned by Seattle Parks and Recreation in Auburn. Six of the nine businesses are run by Somali-Bantu refugee farmers, one of which was on the Burst pilot farm last year while the others were at the Kent Community Garden. We are also working with two American-born beginning farmers and Clean Greens Farm and Market. Key resources that this program is offering participants include:

  • Access to land at subsidized rates;
  • A comprehensive educational program covering farming, business planning and operations and marketing;
  • On-site mentorship from experienced farmers;
  • Access to equipment, water and other necessary inputs;
  • Assistance in creating marketing channels for products.

Currently Seattle Tilth’s staff, intern team, business owners, and hardworking volunteers are busy site planning and coordinating infrastructure building on the land that will be this year’s farm! Located in Auburn, Washington on what has been known as the “Red Barn Ranch”, Seattle Tilth’s United People’s Farm will share the property in 2011 with Camp Berachah, a horse camp from down the road, that has been using the land for the past ten years. There is a lot of work to be done before seeds can be planted. Click on the picture to 
see a few panoramic images of what the farm looks like now:


This is a very brief summary of the huge project that is underway so please check back regularly to learn about the various projects we are and will be working on!!

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