"Should we weed the lawn or call it a garden?"

Lawn weeds get such a bad rap, but really many of those plants that we consider unsightly nuisances in the garden are actually helpful plants to have around.  Recently, students at South Shore School have been learning to redefine the term weed.  4th grade students determined that rather than bad plants, weeds are “strong plants that grow in a place that we didn’t plant them, that might compete with other plants in the garden, but actually can be really helpful.”  On a garden weed scavenger hunt, students learned to identify common garden weeds, take plant specimens, and then create botanical art.  They studied the culinary, medicinal, and soil building uses of plants such as dandelion, plantain, clover, and vetch.  Dandelions are edible and have been used for ages to treat ailments of the liver and kidneys.  Plantain can be used to treat bee stings.  Clover and vetch help keep our soil healthy which in turn helps our plants to grow.  Now, should we weed the lawn or just call it a garden?

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