First Ever South Shore School Garden Club

We are excited to have started an after-school garden club at South Shore school.  The first round of garden club kids were a group of 4th and 5th grade girls who joined the club excited to get to work.   During the first week we discussed our goals, started garden journals and then got to mixing potting soil.  We made our own soil blend and then filled old burlap bags that we got for free from Stumptown Coffee Roaster.  Thanks Stumptown!  The girls were really excited to learn that they could make planters from recycled materials.  Not afraid to do some hard work, on the second week we built a cloche (AKA hoop-house) out of PVC pipes, painters plastic, and binder clips.  Being resourceful is a great skill to have in the garden.  We were able to raise the soil temperature under our cloche by about 5 degrees which allowed us to get started with seed sowing a few weeks early.  On the third week we used old pallets to build a compost bin and started carrot and lettuce seeds under our cloche.  On the fourth week we double dug a brand new garden bed where we will eventually grow the three sisters (corn, beans, and squash).  On the fifth week we amended the soil in our new garden bed, sowed a cover crop, and started designing a garden mural for our tool container.  On the sixth week, we monitored our progress, started more seeds, and transplanted chard starts that we got from Orca School Garden.  Thank you Orca!

It has been a really fun 6 weeks and we are looking forward to the next round of after-school garden club.

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